Loving and living life


life is beautiful. it should be memorable. every since moment of it. Regrets should be minimal. Bliss shouldn’t be exceptional. As human beings we all go through C.R.A.P (criticism, rejection, anger, pessimism) but its how we tackle such CRAP that makes life worth living. 

Imagine being in a loveless, abusive relationship? Imagine having to drop out of school because of lack of funds? Imagine walking out of the tenth gallery that day because your work was perceived as something that “lacked substance, character, value…”?

Lamenting “Life just ain’t fair.”, “S*** happens.” and similar words doesn’t help. We all know that. Having a solution-focused and problem-fixing attitude is the only way out of CRAP. if you are abused psychologically, financially, physically or in what ever way by your lover, please take a walk dear and don’t look back. If you find yourself out of school, it ain’t doomsday yet, hey Steve Jobs didn’t get a college degree. So your work ain’t appreciated by anybody, change your perspective a little but not your message and keep trying persistently. One day, you are going to hit the right note and voila! everyone will want a piece of your work.

live life. preserve through the CRAP tossed at you. Overcome your challenges. Create the life that you will love every moment of, in retrospect. A life that if you are asked to change a thing, it would be nothing.